• The Drowning Pool by Syd Moore



    Hi Everybody,

    There is 'The Drowning Pool' by Syd Moore. It will be in bookshop in September.




    Synopsis :


    After her world is shaken by a series of unexplained events, young widow Sarah Grey soon comes to realise that she is the victim of a terrifying haunting by her 19th century namesake…A classic ghost story with a modern twist by a talented new writer in the genre.

    Relocated to a coastal town, widowed teacher Sarah Grey is slowly rebuilding her life, along with her young son Alfie. But after an inadvertent séance one drunken night, her world is shaken when she starts to experience frightening visions. She tries to explain them as But Alfie sees them too and Sarah believes that they have become the targets of a terrifying haunting.

    Convinced that the ghost is that of a 19th Century local witch and namesake, Sarah delves into local folklore and learns that the witch was thought to have been evil incarnate. When a series of old letters surface, Sarah discovers that nothing and no-one is as it seems, maybe not even the ghost of Sarah Grey…


    Review :

    On a drunken night out with friends, widowed teacher Sarah unwitingly creates a séance. Sarah and her son Alfie are then subjected to a terrifying series of hunting and Sarah becomes convinced that the ghost is that of a 19th century sea witch and namesake Sarah Grey.

    Very good and terrifying story, the author has a good writing and know how to stuck the reader in the book. Wondering if Sarah becomes crazy, ill or if this is the reality. I let you guess… The story is well managed between the reality and the ghost.

    Thank you.


    See you soon !!


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