• The Cross by Scott G Mariani



    Hi everyone,


    Here come a new novel by Scott G. Mariani, author of Alchemist's Secret, Mozart Consipracy,  Doomsday Prophecy, Heretic's Treasure etc...


    Synopsis :

    When an ancient cross is discovered in Eastern Europe it becomes a powerful weapon in

    the war between the trads and the Vampire Federation -- but soon, the world is

    threatened by its discovery! The cross of Ardaich, feared by vampires, was believed to

    have been destroyed during the bloody war between the Vampire Federation and the

    Trads. But its accidental rediscovery could be catastrophic. Detective Joel Solomon can't

    forgive VF agent Alex Bishop for making him a vampire. Yet when Federation arch-

    enemy Gabriel Stone enlists a vicious killer to retrieve the cross, the couple and their

    human allies become the only defence against pure evil. If the cross is used to gain power

    by the Ubervampyr, the sadistic and primeval race of elite vampires, it isn't just ordinary

    vampires like Alex and Joel who will be in danger. Things could be about to turn very

    nasty for the human race! A high-octane, action-packed adventure that will thrill fans of

    Charlaine Harris, Blade and The Passage.


    Review :

    This is the second book of The Vampire Federation. I read the first one and I liked it. The second in written in the same way as the first one ( action, thrilling…)

    Joel has been turned in vampire by Agent Bishop, he’s got to get use to his new life. Hes not a human any more and it’s difficult for him to accept that.

    New characters appeared in this book called Űbervampyr who have more power than a vampire. Gabriel Stone doesn’t give up and still want to find the Cross…

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